Civil and Industrial Buildings:

Eurocontract provides all-round solutions in the civil building sector, dealing with the planning and the realisation of ex-novo works (residences, hotels, prisons, schools, barracks, offices, theatres, museums, industrial buildings and parking lot buildings), as well as all the necessary plant engineering works and all types of finishes or related additional works.

Restoration and maintenance of listed buildings:

From Florence, a land of great tradition in the art of building, Eurocontract strongly respects construction traditions of the past with which it pursues complex restoration projects. The vast experience and the countless restoration works undertaken in Italy and abroad makes us leader in the restoration, conservation and consolidation of all historical listed buildings pursuant to applicable regulations on cultural and environmental heritage.

Technological systems:

Eurocontract was founded with a simple motto: “create and build” while gaining market share worldwide. Thanks to its forty year experience in the sector and thanks to the most advanced technologies, Eurocontract strives to meet all of today’s demands in the best possible manner. Our technological, electrical and mechanical systems reflect a highly professional process that starts from the planning until the installation while relying on highly specialised staff and high quality certified materials. We have consolidated experience in the realisation of industrial and civil engineering systems.Professionalism, specialisation and great focus on technological innovations, along with a great commitment in planning, control and testing, makes Eurocontract a company with the ability to meet a series of customers’ demands, ever more sensitive to quality, safety and constant support.